Connect your app to Freightview

Leverage Freightview's APIs to create a powerful shipping flow to get information in and out of your company's system. This process ensures no duplicate entry and provides a very efficient way to integrate Freightview into your day to day business activities. Pull rates into your system using our Rater API and use Freightview to book it. Pull information from our Info API to get dispatch information such as PRO#'s, tracking and more.

WooCommerce plugin

Your company has an online store using WooCommerce on WordPress. When a customer is figuring out the price for their order, wouldn't it be nice to give them the complete picture by showing them how much you'll charge for freight? By using Freightview for WooCommerce, you can pull your own carrier and broker rates and display them for your customers while they're shopping or checking out. You decide whether to show them the least expensive option or let them choose between different service levels and transit times.

Salesforce plugin

Your company uses Salesforce for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Think about how convenient it would be if your employees could pull your freight rates right from Salesforce. By installing the Freightview plugin, you can equip them to run freight quotes on Opportunity and Account pages -- or as a standalone link in the navigation at the top. Save quotes as notes so you can refer to them later when it's time to ship.

FedEx® Compatible

Freightview is a certified FedEx Compatible solution. Experience the same great Freightview workflow you’re used to with the added efficiency of FedEx Freight® shipping integrated via API.