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Sally used to log in to six different carrier websites to get her company's LTL rates. Now she gets them all through Freightview.

54 seconds about our app.

Do you use multiple carriers or brokers? Freightview shows all of your rates on one page, so it's easy for you to compare.

All of your own freight rates in one place.

Freightview connects to your carriers and brokers to retrieve your rates so you don't have to run quotes on multiple websites.

  1. Identify your carriers and brokers and authorize us to connect.

  2. When you run a quote, we retrieve your rates from all of them.

  3. You see them all on one page to compare and choose.

Besides rates, do everything else too.

  • Create bill of lading
  • Schedule pickup with the carrier or broker
  • Notify consignee that a shipment is being delivered to their location.
  • Track your shipments
  • Get visibility to your freight patterns and history

Multiple users

How much time would you save if you didn’t have to run freight quotes for other people in your company? With Freightview, you can delegate while staying in control. For example, you can let your sales reps run their own quotes – without letting them book their own shipments.

We're established.
We have connections.

Freightview connects to dozens of LTL carriers and brokers to pull in their rates, with more being added every week.

...and many more

No rates of your own?
Voilà, open network.

If you don't have any carriers of your own, we'll recommend ones we trust from the Freightview Open Network. We're not a broker. The relationship is between you and the service provider with nobody in the middle.

Carriers and Brokers:
They love us.

Shippers have strong relationships with their carriers and brokers. Freightview keeps the business flowing and makes both sides more efficient.

' As a sales manager, I'm always delighted to hear that one of our customers has started using Freightview to manage their LTL shipping '

Ted L.Top 10 LTL carrier


Freightview handled over 700,000 shipments in the last year and is growing every single day.

' I love being able to get all my freight rates in one place. I haven't had to use a carrier website in months! '

Devon T.Traffic Manager

' It only took a few minutes to get set up with Freightview, and I'm so glad I did. It was so easy. '

Lynn A.Shipping Supervisor

  • Easy to set up
  • Unlimited quotes and shipments
  • No credit card required to try it out

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