Freight tracking.

Just because Freightview offers quoting, booking, tracking and analytics in a full featured, easy to use TMS does not mean anything to your customer. All they care about is getting your freight damage free and on-time. You can monitor all of your LTL shipments at a glance, or deep dive into detailed tracking information. We sync your shipment's location with the carrier's tracking data, so you always see the latest information from each carrier. Quit logging into multiple web sites for tracking. View it all on Freightview.

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High-level tracking.

Just a glance at our interface and you will instantly know what state your shipment is in. Freightview updates your tracking status as soon as the carrier does, so you are always in the know.

Low level tracking.

If you prefer more in-depth shipment tracking information — Freightview does that too. Drill down to the minutiae and see specific updates including time stamps, locations, and remarks.

Automatic pro-numbers

When a carrier's API returns a pro-number, our software conveniently prints the pro-number on your BOL and labels. This allows us to track your shipments within Freightview without any extra work from you.

Pro-finder bot

When a carrier API does not return a pro-number or a driver accidentally resticker's your pro ( happens) our technology searches for a match and starts tracking. You don't have to do a thing.

Fallback entry

On rare occasion a pro-number may change. In those cases Freightview allows manual entry so you can still track your shipment. We know how valuable a pro-number is to your freight, so we offer many ways to assign one.

Tracking filters

Freightview's robust filtering system allows you to easily show your shipments by tracking status. Need to see all shipments that were delivered today? — easy.

Est. delivery date

Freightview displays your estimated delivery date based on our own algorithm. We try to be smart about the time you booked your shipment and the carrier transit days.

Share tracking

Easily share tracking with anybody. Simply enter one or more emails to share with and they will receive a link to the shipment details and tracking information.

14 days free with no obligations.

We are so convinced that our freight quote software will change the way you ship that we offer all of our users a 14-day trial that is completely free with no hooks. You don't even have to enter a credit card number to try us out. If you love Freightview, you simply enter your information at your own will before the 14 days expire. We don't need a hook or disclaimers because we believe in our product and think you will too.