Quote LTL freight and parcel like a pro.

If you spend time running quotes on multiple carrier sites to compare rates, you know it is a tedious, time-consuming process. After logging in to multiple sites, you have to enter redundant information — often on slow sites with clunky interfaces. Only then can you start comparing rates. It's not a pleasant or efficient experience and it's anything but pro. However, there is a professional solution and it's called Freightview. Freightview is an all-in-one application that provides real-time freight quotes and consolidates all of your negotiated rates on one screen, so you can make the best decision every time. Experience freight quote software with a beautiful interface that is fast, powerful and easy to use.

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Easily compare LTL rates.

Freightview connects to the carriers you do business with and returns their quotes on our website. It's fast and accurate. We connect to carrier APIs — so any changes you make with your carrier are updated in real-time in Freightview. Compare cost, transit days and service levels in a way you never thought possible.

Compare parcel rates.

Freightview connects to your parcel carrier's api's and returns your direct parcel rates. We support all the major parcel carriers and our easy-to-use interface allows you to quote, and compare prices and transit times to save you money and make your parcel shipping more efficient.

Get bids on spot quotes.

Freightview does not stop with your negotiated LTL rates. We also offer truckload quotes for bulk freight or heavy items. Quit using your email as your spot quote tool. Our software sends out a request to all of your spot quote carriers and puts their quotes and messages back into Freightview. Now you can easily compare your freight quotes, send messages, and tender a shipment all in one place.

Stop wasting time entering addresses.

Getting a freight quote always involves a lot of data entry. Freightview knew from the beginning that getting our interface right was a huge key to success. It all started with our address book — every single business or person you ship to gets stored in our address book. The next time you run a quote for that client, it remembers all the details associated with that contact. If you have a running list of customers prior to using Freightview, simply upload your list in CSV format. Having two ways to handle addresses makes the process twice as nice.

Store your recent quotes.

Our freight software stores every quote you run, so you can come back to them later. This is convenient if you are putting together some freight to go out to a customer and send them a proposal on cost. It gives you and your customers time to mull over options. When you want to proceed with that shipment, you can pull up your recent quotes and all of that information will be available without re-entry.

Add accessorials that you need.

Add any accessorials to your quote with some simple selections. We offer liftgate, residential, construction site, tradeshow and more. Need the carrier to notify you by phone before delivery? — just a simple click away. And all the accessorial costs are returned in your quote, so you won't be blindsided by hidden cost.

Add multiple line items.

We support up to 10 separate line items or handling units for freight quoting with the ability to easily add or remove them. All the line items you enter for quoting are also available to edit in the booking process if you choose to ship.

Product search

Freightview remembers all of your companies' commodities, making getting quotes really fast. Simply search for the product description or packaging type and all of your previous items are pre-populated for you.


Get quotes for hazardous shipments. Select a shipment as hazardous in Freightview and we take care of the details and gather applicable information. It's like everything else in Freightview — easy.

Calculate freight class

When you enter your product dimensions and weight, Freightview conveniently calculates the cubic feet and pounds per cubic feet to help you select a freight class. Keep your calculator in your pocket.

Quote it your way.

Freightview gives different types of shippers different quoting options. If you ship out of the same location every time, you might want to have that location pre-populated — every time. If you are a company that only ships a certain product, you may want to have your product pre-populated. It's all up to you, and it is super easy to change your quote preferences on the fly.

Simple, seamless setup.

Easy set up is important. Software that is hard to get running is not worth your time even if it promises great features afterwards. Virtually all transportation management systems are a complete pain to setup. You sometimes have to wait weeks to connect to your carriers, and then you have to wait for somebody to manually load your tariffs into a system. When things change, you have to be in communication with someone to update your changes. None of this applies to Freightview. You will be connected to your carriers in less than 48 hours, some of them in minutes. We don't load tariffs or use EDI, so changes to your tariffs happen instantly using API technology.

14 days free with no obligations.

We are so convinced that our freight quote software will change the way you ship that we offer all of our users a 14-day trial that is completely free with no hooks. You don't even have to enter a credit card number to try us out. If you love Freightview, you simply enter your information at your own will before the 14 days expire. We don't need a hook or disclaimers because we believe in our product and think you will too.