Audit your freight invoices.

Auditing your freight invoices should be simple. They either match the quote you were given or they don't. Most invoices match, but every shipper comes across an invoice now and then that is higher than what was orginally quoted. Freightview again takes the hassle out of freight management auditing with an easy to use interface that moves your invoices into queues that are approved for payment or assigned to be disputed. Each and every shipment you book through Freightview becomes available to you for auditing starting in an 'outstanding' queue.

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It's as easy as yes or no.

When comparing your quote to your invoice you simply click 'yes' — it matches, or 'no' — it doesn't. Freightview has always been simple to use and matching up invoices and quotes is no different.


If the carrier quote matches the carrier invoice it moves to an accepted queue ready for export to payables.


If the carrier quote does not match the carrier invoice, it moves to a disputed queue with options to address it.

When you mark yes.

Every shipment quote that matches the invoice is simply moved to an 'accepted' queue. It sits in the queue with all the other accepted invoices until you are ready to archive them and/or export them to your ERP software.


Every accepted invoice gets removed from the 'outstanding' queue and placed in the 'accepted' queue. The queue contains all the information related to each particular shipment.


From your accepted queue just check all the items you wish to archive and/or export to your ERP software. Freightview lets you work in your own way and does not regulate your process.


If you choose to export your items, you will receive a dedicated email link to a csv file that can be imported into your favorite ERP software for payment — This creates efficiency and accuracy.

When you mark no.

The most important part of auditing is also the least desirable — quotes that do not match your invoices. It is inevitable in shipping. An accessorial might get added after shipping. A reweigh may happen. Freight can be reclassified. Although most invoices match, Freightview wants to make your process easy for those that don't.


Every disputed invoice gets moved from the 'outstanding' queue and moved to the 'disputed' queue. Your rate breakdown is provided and an email is automatically sent to the carrier rep to start the dispute process.


Along with sending an email, Freightview also time-stamps system notes and lets you enter personal notes — you will always know where the dispute process is and the next action to take to resolve your dispute.


Once you come to a conclusion with the carrier, Freightview provides options to resolve the dispute — Short pay, pay the full amount, or split between accepted and disputed until a decision can be made.

14 days free with no obligations.

We are so convinced that our freight quote software will change the way you ship that we offer all of our users a 14-day trial that is completely free with no hooks. You don't even have to enter a credit card number to try us out. If you love Freightview, you simply enter your information at your own will before the 14 days expire. We don't need a hook or disclaimers because we believe in our product and think you will too.