Freight booking.

Freightview has the ability to compare all of your direct rates on one webpage. That alone will save your company time and money. But, we don't stop there: our software is a one-stop shop for all of your businesses' freight needs, including booking your shipments. We put careful thought and planning into our booking interface. It will be easier and faster than you ever thought possible to get your freight on the truck — and on its way to your customer.

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Book all kinds of freight.

Our freight software takes care of the entire booking process – whether booking direct LTL, customer routed and even volume shipments. Put your phone and email away. The biggest thing you will have to worry about is getting your freight on or off the truck.

  • Direct LTL
  • Customer routed LTL
  • Volume LTL and Truckload

Automatically dispatch your freight.

When you book your shipment through Freightview, we automatically dispatch it to the carrier. And, because we use API's to dispatch your shipments instead of antiquated EDI technology, it's fast and accurate. Your carrier can receive your dispatch in seconds instead of hours.

Set a pickup date.

The first step in booking a shipment in Freightview is to schedule a day for the carrier to be at your business. Freightview's scheduling system takes care of holidays and time of day, so leave that to us.

Set a pickup time.

Set time windows for pickup and delivery. If your shipment won't be ready until noon, that is not a problem — just set it in Freightview. Of course, we let you set a time window on the destination as well.

Set contacts.

It's really important for drivers to have contact information available for the shipment. Freightview uses a smart contact list to recall and/or prefill information based on the origin and destination.

Send special instructions.

No shipping day is the same. There are always constants, but some days you need to let the carriers know something specific. We always provides you a special instructions field for any scenario where you need to say just a little more.

" Don't use dock #2. They are doing some concrete repair and it will be unavailable for the next week or so. "

Automatically generate BOLs.

Freightview dynamically builds a bill of lading (BOL) based on your shipment information, containing everything a carrier needs to get your shipment moving. You can also share your shipment with whomever you like, and they can view and print the BOL as well.

Print shipping labels.

There are several different ways to get labels on your handling units with our booking software. We offer all the popular sizes, let you choose between sheets or continuous roll, and the make it easy to select the number of labels you want to print. If you are printing on a sheet, Freightview lets you set the start position — so you don't waste a thing.

Edit your shipments.

Freightview allows you to edit your shipment even after you have been through the booking process. We will always show any price differences when editing any items.

Share your shipments.

Share your shipment with anybody. Simply enter an email and Freightview does the rest. They will be able to print shipping labels and the BOL and even track the shipment.

Store your shipments.

Every single shipment that you book is stored and preserved in the Freightview cloud. This makes it easy to go back and access a shipment and all of its details.

14 days free with no obligations.

We are so convinced that our freight quote software will change the way you ship that we offer all of our users a 14-day trial that is completely free with no hooks. You don't even have to enter a credit card number to try us out. If you love Freightview, you simply enter your information at your own will before the 14 days expire. We don't need a hook or disclaimers because we believe in our product and think you will too.