Optimize your freight.

Having data is crucial to your businesses success. Without looking at data, you can never feel completely confident in your decision making. Transportation management is another facet of your business that involves strategic planning and analysis to keep your freight spend in check, and keep your customers happy. Freightview breaks down your freight into many data points so you can get a birds-eye view of efficiencies and deficiencies. Gain leverage in your carrier relationships and optimize your logistics with Freightview TMS.

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Keep on top of your LTL freight spend.

Quickly see your freight spend over custom time periods with our beautiful stacked area chart. Toggle carriers on or off. See what you could have saved by picking the lowest priced carrier over your choice with our unrealized savings report.

See what shipping lanes you use most.

Freightview plots all of your inbound and outbound freight with our shipping lanes map. States and cities change appearance based on your shipping volume to those lanes. Rollover a state, a city or a lane to see more detailed information.

Review charts that provide negotiating power.

Carriers want your business. The more information you can provide them, the better your relationship can become. Freightview provides you with powerful data to analyze your shipping cost and patterns to better understand where you are saving and where you could do better.

Carrier dollars

Which carriers do you spend the most money with? Can you negotiate a better rate because of your freight spend?

Shipment count

Which carriers do you ship the most with? Can you negotiate a better rate because of your shipping volume?

Carrier weight

Which carriers take your bigger loads? Can you negotiate a better rate from your carriers that take your heavy stuff?

Understand your volume LTL data.

Use our spot quoting reporting to quickly see how many quotes you are sending out and how many are being tendered. See which carriers are sending you quotes and how long it takes them to respond. See which carriers consistently win your freight and use our data as leverage for negotiating your next shipment.

Reporting filters

Easily filter your reporting data for customized analytics to share with your team. We offer a multitude of filters to quickly and efficiently deliver any report you need.

Reporting range

Quickly access data for a week, a month, a quarter or a year. If that does not meet your criteria, use a custom date range to collect a specific time frame's data.

Reporting export

Export your shipping data to a custom csv file that you can use for your own customized freight reports. Great for weekly or quarterly meetings, annual reports and more.

14 days free with no obligations.

We are so convinced that our software will change the way you ship freight that we offer all of our users a 14 day trial that is completely free with no hooks. You don't even have to enter a credit card number to try us out. If you love Freightview, you simply enter your information at your own will before the 14 days expire. We don't need a hook, or disclaimers, because we believe in our product and think you will too.