Freightview loves carriers.

We built Freightview with the belief that when carriers compete fair and square on a level playing field, carriers win and shippers win.

Carriers love Freightview because their brand and pricing shows up prominently every time the shipper has freight to move. They're never left out because a customer forgets to check their website. And unlike traditional transportation management systems, rates in Freightview are always up to date and controlled in the carrier's system.

Have questions about Freightview? Get in touch with Jennifer Jones at or 816-579-0027.

Carrier FAQ'S

  • What exactly is Freightview?

    Freightview is a freight transportation management system. It's easy to set up and easy to use. Customers love it because it lets them see all of their negotiated rates in one place instead of going to lots of different carriers websites.

  • Does the customer see their own customer-specific rates or different rates?

    Your customers see the specific rates you've negotiated with them.

  • Will anyone other than the customer be able to see my rates?

    No. We keep rates safe, secure and secret. We never share a rate with anyone else. For more details, see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • How do you get the rates into Freightview?

    We connect to your Application Programming Interface (API), aka web service. Our technology team will work with yours to make sure rates are flowing. If you don't have an API, we can meet you where you are. Drop us a line to get the process started.

  • If my customer also works with brokers, will they see two rates?

    No. We know that your blanket rates through brokers are only intended for new customers, not existing ones. If your customer has direct rates with you and also gets your rates through one of their own brokers, we'll make sure they only see your direct rate.

  • How do you make money?

    We charge shippers a monthly subscription fee to use Freightview.

  • Is Freightview a broker?

    No. We make software to help shippers and carriers communicate with each other. We're not a broker, and we never will be.

  • What's in it for me?

    When one of your customers is using Freightview, you know that they're seeing your brand name and rate every time they run a quote. Also, unlike other transportation management systems, you're in control of the rating since pricing is retrieved in real time from your website, not loaded from a rate sheet.